Raymarine tracking shorelines for baitfish & gamefish.

Posted on September 21st, 2021

I like to follow predator fish as they move from off-shore feeding in mid-summer to moving in along steep-dropping shorelines in late summer to intercept baitfish schools that feed just off the weeds.

Walleye feeding tight to steep-dropping shorelines can be close to the bottom. That’s when using weighted in-line spinners and jigs work well to catch them.

These baitfish can be feeding closer to the bottom, or just below the surface. The only way you can locate their depth is with a dependable fish finder.

When Walleye are suspended on steep-dropping shorelines trolling is one of the best ways to intercept them.

Knowing the depth the baitfish are feeding is critical to knowing which lure to use and making the right presentation for predator fish like Bass and Walleye.

Suspended Largemouth Bass off steep-dropping shoreline breaks are usually aggressive feeders.

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