Raymarine to find ocean wrecks.

Posted on August 13th, 2016

I appreciate using the Raymarine fishfinders for all my fishing needs whether I’m fishing in freshwater less than 10′ deep to locate weeds and structure, or miles off-shore in saltwater to locate fish attracting wrecks.

Dump010 wreck_baitfishball

Above you can see an amazing screen-grab of a wreck I located about 11-miles off-shore in the Gulf of Mexico. To locate isolated structure on the bottom like this can be a goldmine for fishing, especially if there is a bait-ball as in the above image right on top of the wreck. It’s really a tag-team effort; Raymarine DownVision to look at the bottom and C-Map chart to get an accurate hydrographic image of where potential structure area are.

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