Raymarine suspended Mackerel schools.

Posted on July 30th, 2019

I target bottom fish, mid-column fish and sub-surface fish. Especially when I’m fishing/filming in saltwater many times both baitfish and predator fish are just below the surface. Knowing exactly what depth they are at is key to getting your presentation in front of them. That’s where the Raymarine Axiom puts on a real show.

In our feature image and above you can see how clearly we marked a feeding school of mackerel suspended just off a major bottom structure break.

When we stumble a school of fish we mark the way-point, we compensate for tide and windage and go past the mark and drift over it often casting a lures and working them just below the surface. Schooling feeding fish get extremely aggressive and often compete with one another to hit your lure…hold on!!

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