Raymarine suspended big-game.

Posted on August 27th, 2016

When I’m in Florida I often fish miles off-shore in the Gulf of Mexico where the bottom can be pretty features for miles. In this situation I know that if I can locate any reef or wreck the odds are in my favor of locating baitfish schools feeding around them and big-game fish nearby.

Dump014 wreck_baitfish_gamefishabove

In the Raymarine HybridTouch screen grab above I located a wreck that was covered with baitfish. I started circling the nearby area and drove over a mixed school of suspended Barracuda and Wahoo that were on the  prowl for baitfish.

Dump008 barracudaschool

You can see from the two screen grabs above the “X” that marks my waypoint of finding the wreck/baitfish and than cruising to the left and finding the gamefish nearby. When we dropped our live baitfish in the water we instantly had fish on.

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