Raymarine structure Smallmouth Bass.

Posted on August 25th, 2017

I love to target Smallmouth Bass in deeper structure where fish are less spooky and more apt to take a well presented soft-plastic grub. I find that some of the most productive stretches to get consistent Smallmouth Bass action is in water depth ranging from 18-30′ where the bottom is fairly even, but with an occasional structure outcrop.


Outcrops like the one captured in the screen-grab above on my Raymarine Dragonfly Pro7 are Smallmouth Bass “magnets”. Best way to fish this structure is to make a few passes so you know exactly where it is, than start fishing above it and run your soft-plastic right over it.


One of two things will happen, you will either get hung-up on the structure or get hooked-up to a nice Smallmouth!

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