Raymarine structure & Amberjacks.

Posted on August 20th, 2019

When I’m fishing Gulf waters I love to tie into trophy Amberjacks. Some anglers refer to them as “donkeys” but I see them as an aggressive hard fighting gamefish the is a real contender on lighter gear and in the smaller sizes, taste great!

Amberjacks definitely love to feed over bottom structure. That structure can be man-made reefs, or natural reefs. In the feature image you can clearly see them holding just off the bottom-structure.

This usually means that they are in-active and to get them to bite you have to either get a live baitfish down to them, or troll above them using a “cuda-tube” or Rapala to get the interest of barracuda which in-turn gets the attention of the Amberjacks and gets them into feeding mode!

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