Raymarine shallow structure largemouth.

Posted on October 11th, 2016

Most freshwater, warm-water fish species take advantage of summertime weed growth and shallow water structure to feed. I talk to many anglers that fish off shorelines and think that all the water is the same depth with little structure, especially when the water is turbid with little visibility.

Dump003 smallfish_rocks

In the screen-grab above you can see the rock-piles just off the main shoreline structure and a school of small fish above them. When I spot detail like this I fish it carefully and usually end up hooking fish!!

057A9326 smallie_dt7f

Because of the high-resolution of the Raymarine CHIRP DownVision I can clearly see the detail in shallow or deep water and even though I may fish the same shorlines that other anglers fished ahead of me, I have the confidence that I will see important bottom details that they may have missed and indeed catch fish!

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