Raymarine shallow & deep baitfish.

Posted on October 10th, 2019

Whether you’re targeting salmon & trout in the deep waters of the Great Lakes, or warm-water fish in the shallows of inland lakes, an accurate fishfinder is indefensible. Normally if you locate baitfish schools predator fish are nearby.

In the fall many baitfish that are off-shore even in shall lakes will venture back to shallow waters off shorelines. That’s one of the main reasons why fish like walleye, bass and even pike move off the dying weedbeds and feed on the near-shore structure. As you can see above, there are not weeds, just some small structue, but the baitfish are there.

In the above screen-grab we’re in deep-water and as Great Lakes temperatures drop, baitfish schools also start to suspend more towards the surface to feed.

So in this case running lures in the top 60′ can be very productive!

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