Raymarine/Sabiki Baitfish.

Posted on December 16th, 2019

Most anglers will agree that having the right, live baitfish can really produce big-time. This isn’t more true then in saltwater fishing for large predator fish. Only challenge is that saltwater baitfish are tough to keep alive and aren’t sold at bait shops. This means you have to have a good baitfish live well and either use a cast net or a Sabiki Rig to catch your bait.

Challenges #1 is locating baitfish. It’s a big Gulf of Mexico, but with my Raymarine Axiom it’s “easy-peasy”. I just cruise at a low speed on plane and as soon as I see a bright ‘blitz’ on the screen I slow down and go over the same are under planing speed.

That’s when I can clearly mark the baitfish, drop our Sabiki lines down and we usually catch multiple-fish on every drop and then it’s off to our fishing grounds.

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