Raymarine Reef baitfish and Walleye.

Posted on September 14th, 2021

I depend on my electronics when I’m searching for open-water structure that I know attracts baitfish and predator fish.

Raymarine tracking a baitfish ball right on the reef break and a predator fish above.

I love fishing the eastern-end of Lake Ontario where water levels can change quickly from 100′ depths to shallow 5′ humps and reefs.

Suspended baitfish working their way around the reef, perfect scenario for Walleye to intercept.

These structure areas are magnets for attracting feeding baitfish & panfish during the summer months and also hungry Walleye.

Suspended baitfish just below the surface, easy targets for feeding gamefish.

Knowing how deep the baitfish schools are around these reefs is critical to know how deep to fish. When baitfish are suspended just below the surface conditions are ideal for trolling.

The bright red/yellow baitfish cluster close to bottom means nervous baitfish with predators close by. Perfect for dropping down a jig and hooking-up.

The fruits of knowing how deep the Walleye around the isolated reefs.

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