Raymarine puts Grunts in their place!

Posted on April 7th, 2017

Whenever the weather gets nasty in Ontario and especially when we’re in-between fishing season, I head to Florida to enjoy amazing saltwater fishing action. I don’t just enjoy catching the fish, saltwater fish are one of the best for grilling and I try and eat fresh caught fish at least 3-times per week.



One of the most plentiful and tasty fish I find often in  schools out in the Gulf of Mexico are Grunts.


Spot Tail grunts are one of the most plentiful that often swim around in large schools as in the image Raymarine screen-grab above, but are relatively small. But, when you locate them, the larger White Grunts are not too far away.  When I’m looking for a fresh Grunt meal, my Raymaraine HybridTouch with CHIRP DownVision put me on the fish and I get them to the grillQ

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