Raymarine King’s feast.

Posted on April 14th, 2017

I love to fish for toothy fish; big northern pike, musky, barracuda and King Mackerel. These fish can reach trophy size, they have sharp teeth that can cut through heavier monofilament line and even fluorocarbon leaders. If you plan on hooking a big one, better make sure you are using a wire leader!!

For the most part all of these fish are top predators and very aggressive, but the challenge is locating them. In the case of King Mackerel I target out in the Gulf of Mexico, they are literally like a roaming pack of wolves constantly swimming and looking to feed. When the find baitfish on the surface they can put on a real acrobatic show, exploding out of the water with baitfish spraying everywhere.



But the challenge is that they often find baitfish that are just below the surface and there is no surface commotion, but there is a real “feeding-session” going on below. That’s where the Raymarine HybridTouch with the CHIRP DownVision clearly marks the suspended baitfish and Kings just below them ready to feed on them. It’s one thing to just go fishing and hoping you find the fish, it’s another to use Raymarine fishfinders, mark the fish and catch them!!

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