Raymarine Kayak Bass.

Posted on September 30th, 2019

I had a blast shooting some amazing kayak fishing footage with the brand new Pelican Power 100 kayak that looks more like a miniature bass boat then a kayak and it’s powered by an electric trolling motor which makes it extremely enjoyable to fish from.

To kelp me locate bass that were off the shorelines I rigged-up a Raymarine Element5 to the rails that comes with the kayak. If you didn’t know, Scotty makes amazing kayak accessories like a multi-directional sonar stand, transducer arms and much more. You can see in this image that knowing where the weeds are and where they end when you can’t see them on the surface is a real benefit to locate late summer/fall bass that are moving off shore to feed.

On this trip most of the Largemouth fell for a slow-fished Fishing Compete Wacky Jacks or Magic Stik “wacky-rigged’ worm…perfect to fish out of the kayak.

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