Raymarine for vertical jigging bass & walleye.

Posted on November 2nd, 2015

I had a chance to shoot some excellent footage in nasty weather conditions for fall smallmouth bass & walleye. My strategy was to fish deeper structure breaks and locate individual fish  or baitfish and then use a vertical jigging spoons to fish right on top of them.


I relied on my Raymarine HybridTouch fishfinder mounted on my consul to look for fish suspended over deep-water first.


Than I used it to locate the closest structure break where I knew those fish would move onto to feed, above.


Once I established by spot I used the Raymarine Dragonfly unit mounted on the bow to fish right on top of them. When water temperatures start to plummit like they are now here in Ontario, Canada, many warm-water fish head to deeper water on their way to their wintering areas.


This can be a really good time to put your fishfinders to work in deeper water and to catch both species using a vertical jigging presenatation!

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