Raymarine for understanding weed transitions.

Posted on September 27th, 2016

Weeds are so important for locating many freshwater species of fish like walleye, bass, pike and musky. But, not all weeds hold fish. I rely on my Raymarine fishfinders with CHIRP DownVision to clearly enable me to understand the weed transitions I am dealing with to fish the right area and use the right presentation to catch fish consistently.

Dump005 solidweedline

The above screen grab off my Raymarine Hybrid Touch shows you solid weeds in 11′ of water. You may catch fish here, but you have to cover a lot of water since the weed-flat is expansive.

Dump007 weedclumps

In this screen-grab, I ventured a little deeper and I found scattered weeds all over the deeper part of the flat and again I know that I would have to cover a lot of water to locate feeding fish.

Dump006 transition_weedline_walleye

The above screen-grab shows you the “jack-pot” the transition from tall weeds to very short weeds and a structure break dropping off from 10-15′ in depth. I know that if I fish up and down this “high-percentage” weedline/structure break it won’t take long to catch fish, and it didn’t.

057A9306 italopike

Thank to Raymarine technology I ended up hooking quality pike and walleye fishing the same stretch in a very short time!

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