Raymarine for targetting big walleye feeding on baitfish.

Posted on July 30th, 2016

I love being able to see baitfish and gamefish clearly on my  Raymarine fishfinders.


Look at this screen grab from the Dragonfly7 Pro showing in detail a large walleye laying on the bottom and baitfish litterally covering it. Even though  this looks great, as an angler I would have a tough time trying to get this walleye to take my jig/Fin-S-Fish as it has so many baitfish all around it.


Here’s another screen-grab taken about 200 yds away where I still mark a large walleye, but  the baitfish are much higher up in the water column. I have a much better chance to tease this fish into striking and I did!

057A7073 italo_walleye

This walleye ended up being 32″ long. A big, fat fish that had dined on baitfish, but was far enough from the baitfish school and I was able to entice it with my jig & plastic swim-bait into striking.

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