Raymarine for kayak fishing.

Posted on November 28th, 2016

I love fishing for shore, a boat, a canoe and especially a kayak. Recently I had a chance to shoot a TV show with the new Pelican Catch120NXT loaded with Scottie kayak accessories.


I was really impressed with the stability of the kayak and the accessories which I was able to quickly attach. The main one was my Raymarine Dragonfly5. Scottie makes a universal base and fishfinder assembly with a adjustable transducer arm that worked great.


Even fishing from a kayak you can benefit from using a high-quality fishfinder like the Raymarine to know exactly what depth you are over, to find weedlines and weedbeds and especially for locating structure breaks. If you have or are planning on getting a kayak, accessorizing it with Scottie gear and a Raymarine Dragonfly5 is an ideal system that will help you catch fish!(images provided by@peteryeungphotography @arieshadela )

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