Raymarine flush-mount instal, Here’s the Catch! 23′ Seabreeze.

Posted on May 7th, 2019

I’m blessed to be using some of the top fishing/boating electronics on the market and this year I’m excited to use the newest Raymarine Axiom, marine radio and radar on the season 2 Here’s the Catch! 23′ custom build Seabreeze center consul boat.

The consul on the new Seabreeze is large to house our Nanuk cases with all the shooting gear and also to flush-mount our electronics. Cutting the holes for the install is no small task and you have to have the right tools and do them in stages and properly without mistakes. Larry Passero of Base Electronics used a pneumatic tools for the best results. He started by tracing the templates that come with the Axiom and the radio.

Next he drilled small corner “key-holes” to start the straight cuts on all sides. Gelcoat can crack if there is too much vibrations from a saw so it’s imperative to make sure the saw doesn’t vibrate too much. After the straight cuts are made care has to be taken to cut the inside rounded corners. Lastly each unit is fit-tested to make sure it fits snugly and then it’s time to secure and connect…easy-peasy if you know what you’re doing!

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