Raymarine fishfinders to determine baitfish activity.

Posted on June 11th, 2018

If you have a high-quality fishfinder you should be able to get valuable information in addition to seeing gamefish and general structure, like understanding baitfish activity and how it relates to catching their predators.

I use my Raymarine Dragonfly 7Pro which I have hooked up to my Motorguide Xi5 in many situations not just to mark suspended baitfish, but to understand whether they are in a “defensive” mode, or “bait-ball” which means they are nervous and there are predators around, or if they are in a “feeding’ pattern with no worries of other fish eating them.

baitfish ball

The above image is a classic “bait-ball” which means the baitfish are tight together, not feeding and there are predator fish nearby. Can you see the longer images just above the baitfish shcool? Yup, predators! That’s where I concentrate on fishing lures at the same depth I see the baifish school and I anticipate a strike.

baitfish scattered

In the above image the baitfish are scattered over a large area and feeding. In this situation I confirmed this by simply looking down into the water with my Maui Jim sunglasses and spotting the flashes of the feeding baitfish. Nice to see, but this pattern means no predators close to them, so I fish deeper lures near the bottom.

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