Raymarine find the baitfish & the gamefish!

Posted on May 24th, 2016

Finding baitfish is crucial for catching a variety of gamfish (and large panfish). I have fished with many anglers where we look at their fishfinders and we can’t tell if it’s interferance on the screen, floating debris, or baitfish??


I can trust the Raymarine Fishfinders I have rigged on the G3Boat to give me total detail when it comes to determining what the sonar is picking up. You can see from the screen-grab above the clarity of the tight baitfish “clouds”that are susupended in the water column on the Rymarine HybridTouch with CHIRP DownVision.


In this screen-grab you can see the individual dispersed baitfish, probably feeding safely away from predator fish in a protected channel.

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