Raymarine eSeries fishfinders for non-stop Florida Gulf Grouper action.

Posted on December 13th, 2016

Most Gulf of Mexico saltwater off-shore anglers will agree that one of the nicest tasting bottom fish is definitely Grouper!! There are several species of Grouper, but one of the most plentiful is the Red Grouper. Peter Yeung & Arieshadella found out how much fun they are to catch and to eat.


We normally look for “Swiss-cheese” bottom in 70-100′ of water. This means that instead of having structure come up off the bottom, we actually look for holes and pockets that go down below the surface. This is where the CHIRP DownVision accuracy of the Raymarine eSeries fishfinders can’t be matched!


Once we locate the right bottom we fish 4-6 oz. sliding egg sinkers on a #7/0 Gamakatsu Octopus hook and 50 lb. Sufix Fluorocarbon leaders at least 14″ long. Our main line is Sufix 832 in 65 lb. test.


You may wonder why we use such a heavy set-up? Well, we have had many instances where we hook-up Grouper and half way up something much bigger grabs on to them, than the fight really begins!!


The key to landing larger Grouper is to have the drag set very tight and as soon as the fish is hooked prevent it from going down into one of the holes. This tug-of-war usually lasts from 15-30 sec. until you get the Grouper off the bottom, than it’s fight-on! Professinal images taken by Peter Yeung Photography & Arieshadella Irwantini.

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