Raymarine Element for shallow-water Salmon.

Posted on May 12th, 2021

Each spring Great Lakes Chinook Salmon venture into shallow water in search of spawning and post-spawn Alewife and Smelt. This is where the Raymarine Element comes in handy to mark vast schools of both forage fish species near the bottom and also cruising King Salmon.

Raymarine Element

You can clearly see in water less then 30′ the suspended schools of immature forage fish suspended just off the bottom. The two intermediate lines at the top of the baitfish and above are the two cannon balls being tracked off the downriggers. Their image is intermittent since the transducer cone (pictured to the right in the “A” scope), is much narrower near the surface then closer to the bottom.

Raymarine Element

In the Raymarine Element image above you can clearly see smaller and larger Chinook Salmon swimming just off bottom. Those are the same fish that will slash through baitfish and also smash our lures!

You can depend on Raymarine fish finders to find the baitfish and the fish!

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