Raymarine DownVision to catch bottom-hugging walleye in deep water.

Posted on September 7th, 2015

My wife Barb and I just finished catching deep-water walleye that were really hugging the bottom at eighty foot depths. We traveled about 6-8 miles off shore before we located fish.


As you can see from the screen-grab from our Raymarine HybridTouch above, the walleye looks like a horizontal line, literally touching the bottom.  This high definitiion is possible because of the Raymarine CHIRP DownVision technology! We trolled over that fish and were able to catch it.


Our presentation for this “bottom-hugging” walleye  was to troll a 7 oz. bottom walking Fin Tech bottom-walking sinker.


When walleye are sticking this close to the bottom you can bet they are “in-active” and placing a bait/lure in front of their snout is one of the few ways you can get them to hit. I’m glad we’re equipped with the Raymarine fishfinders that shows us so clearly where the fish are, even in deep water so we can successfully catch them!

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