Raymarine DownVision accuracy to spot baitfish in open-water.

Posted on July 20th, 2015


On a recent trip to Lake Erie, ON for walleye the Raymarine eSeries was invaluable not just to mark baitfish schools with it’s CHIRP DownVision, but with such high resolution you can also figure out what the baitfish are doing and how predator fish react to them.


If you look at the clarity of the baitfish school above, notice that they are tightly packed and hugging the bottom. This means the baitfish themselves are not feeding on suspended material, but in a defensive behavior close to the bottom. Also notice there are not predator fish like walleye around them.


In the above screen-grab, the DownVision clearly marks a tight pod of baitfish that are suspended off the bottom, but again they are in a defensive pattern and not feeding with no predator fish around.


Lastly, above is an individual large walleye that can be clearly seen in the lower water column (55-90′). He is not near the baitfish, but he is looking for them.


Thanks to the Raymarine fishfinder we were able to mark individual walleye at the right depth, we made sure we had our lure presentation go by them and “wham”…success!

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