Raymarine CHIRP DownVision for locating submerged wood piles.

Posted on July 24th, 2015

I just had a chance to do some river fishing for walleye where it was critical to locate old, submerged wood piles in the middle of the river. These pile provide cover and a current break for bass, walleye and pike. The water clarity was less than 4″ and there was not way to locate the piles other than using the Raymarine.


As you can see from the above DownDeep image on the left, the Raymarine HybridTouch enabled me to see every detail of the wood which helped us not only to avoid getting our lures stuck on them, but catching walleye!


The above screen-grab came off the DownVision/Sonar split-screen which is one of the best Raymarine tools to enable a fishermen to see exactly what is wood/structure, and where the fish are.  The Sonar image is very clear, but could let you think it’s a school of baitfish. The upper DownVision screen takes all the guess-work out and shows you the angled timber and the fish holding down-stream of them!

If you know how important having a reliable fish finder is, you need to check out the Raymarine line of fishfinders!

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