Raymarine Bass structure.

Posted on September 19th, 2016

Bass anglers know that you can catch bass just fishing shorelines, but we also know that they get pounded. That’s why I love to use my Raymarine fishfinder to locate specific structure that is often just off-shore that many bass anglers overlook.

Dump006 shallow_bassstructure

Often times you will be fishing a shelf where it appears the water is the same depth, but then you come across a chunk of structure like the one above in 7′ of water that comes up to 5′. I call this a bass “fish-magnet”. If the water is clear, you may visually see it, but if it’s turbid, or wavy, you won’t. That’s where I can rely on the Raymarine Dragonfly7Pro with the CHIRP DownVision technology that shows you the goods!

057A7480 motorguide_raymarine

In this actual scenario I was shooting a 1/2 TV show using the shallow swimming Storm Thin Fin and knowing where the small humps were made it easy for me to hook-up!





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