Raymarine baitfish + structure = Walleye!

Posted on October 29th, 2017

When we filmed a TV show at Mashkinonje Lodge a few weeks back and targeted walleye we really needed to fish the 20′ break and search for individual walleye and the baifish schools they were feeding on. This was made easy using the Raymarine Axiom fishfinder with CHIRP technology.


You can see clearly on the screen-grab above-left the 20′ contour line we we were following  and the large suspended baitfish school with a small walleye swimming underneath.


Persistency paid-off and we kept on working the 20′ structure break until we marked larger walleye and caught them. They turned out to be in the 18-20″ range. Nice to be able to put a “game-plan” together using the Raymarine Axiom and MotorGuide Xi5 to consistently catch walleye!

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