Raymarine Axiom making sense of baitfish schools.

Posted on June 16th, 2017

When I’m targeting “piscivorial” fish (fish that eat smaller fish), I know that if I can locate them and understand what they are doing, the gamefish that feed on them won’t be far behind. It’s one thing if you can see the baitfish on the surface, but if they are down below, sometimes we don’t get a clear picture of how many there are, or their configuration.


With the new Raymarine Axiom fishfinder the detail is amazing. Especially if the screen is set for the RealVision3D one one side, and the other side is a  split-screen between the DownVision and conical sonar. You can see the details in all three images above and in the featured image. What I like most is seeing and understand the RealVision3D where I can actually see the width and height of the baitfish school and the 360-degree location in relationship to by boat path! With a regular fishfinder you just get a 1-dimensional view.

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