Rattlin’ summer Walleye.

Posted on August 6th, 2017

The hot days of summer are an excellent time to put your rattlin’ lures to work, especially in the middle of a hot, sunny day. When fish are actively feeding on smaller fish loud rattles can turn them off, but when they are ‘hangin-out” around weeds and right in the weeds, rattlers can get them active and striking.


Most people use the lip-less rattlers like the Rapala Rattlin’ Rap, but I have really good luck using the RS Jointed Shad Rap. I normally fish the one that dives to 12′ and find I can control the swiming depth easily by increasing or decreasing my cast distance and also where varying the distance of my rod tip to the water on the retrieve. Tip lose to the water lure runs deeper. Tip at the 11am position, lure runs shallower. Next time the fishing slows down in the middle of a hot, summer day, try rattling the fish out!

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