Rapala Shadow Rap Shad Smallmouth.

Posted on June 17th, 2016

I had the opportunity to fish with two good friends Patrick Casey and James Law for smallmouth bass in Lake Erie, NY. We had windy conditions but still ventured out to fish some flats where we knew smallmouth would be feeding.


Water temperatures were in the mid-60F, the bass are done spawning and we were targetting fish that were cruising off shorelines and feeding heavily.

057A7338 gentle_unhooking

Our lure of choice was the new Rapala Shadow Rap Shad. This lure has amazing flash & action, it sinks slowly and is ideal for fishing the first 5′ in the water column.

057A7321 Patrick_Casey

To “twitch” our Shadow Raps we used the Rapala R-Type and ConceptTi spinnig outfits with Sufix832 braid.


All of us caught and release smallies and had a great time.

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