Rapala Shadow Rap for shallow Largemouth.

Posted on August 16th, 2016

We just had a chance to fish a weed-filled wilderness lake for trophy lagemouth bass. The lake is 80% lily pads and grass flats. We fished Storm plastic frogs, the Lunker City Salad Spoon, bu the largest bass was caught just out from the lily pads “twitching” a Rapala Shadow Rap Minow about 1-2′ below the surface.

Clip0110_00100004 daves_bucketmouth

While it’s difficult to fish crankbaits and other hard minnow-baits in shallow weeds, the Rapala Shadow Rap works extremely well. Next time you are fishing a weedy bay for largemouth and you see pockets and weed edges, don’t be afraid of “twitching” the edges with a Shadow Rap, it may produce the largest bass of the day as it did for us.

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