Rapala Scatter Rap TV bass TV show, Lake Erie, NY

Posted on May 2nd, 2013

We launched out of For Erie, ON and headed over the Buffalo, NY harbor around 8am.  We again had an excellent morning with bright sunshine, warm temperatures and low winds.    I fished the Rapala Concept Ti spinning outfit rigged with a Rapala Shift reel.  I also used a Rapala Shift baitcasting outfit and both reels were loaded with Sufix 832, 10 lb. braid.

I again used the new Rapala Scatter Raps.  I caught fish on both the Scatter Rap Minnow and the Scatter Rap Crank.  I had a real surprise when I was cranking in 5′ of   water and a 5-6 lb. rainbow nailed the Rapala Scatter Rap Crank.  I had the fish on long enough to have it jump out of the water, do a tail-dance and the surface, and then it threw the crankbait!  Make sure to catch this exciting TV show when it airs on Roger’s Sportsnet and The Score along with CHCH-TV11 this coming fall!

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