Posted on May 4th, 2010


Rapala VMC Corporation

Press Release

May 4, 2010 at 1.00 p.m.

Rapala VMC Corporation (Rapala), the world’s foremost manufacturer of fishing lures, treble hooks and accessories, received the 2009 Lifetime Achievement Award of the International Game and Fish Association’s (IGFA). IGFA is an international organization recording world record catches with its headquarters in Florida, USA.

Rapala lures are responsible for more IGFA world records than any other lure manufacturer in history, holding world record catches on every continent except Antarctica. In fact, Rapala is the first and only lure manufacture to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award by the IGFA, proving how effective its lures are on a global basis. Essentially, all over the world, big fish are eating little fish that swim like a Rapala.

The annual World Record Achievement Award honors those individuals with outstanding angling achievements. IGFA also recognized tackle manufacturers whose products have captured the most world records.

The IGFA Lifetime Achievement Award for Rapala, presented to Tom Mackin, President of Rapala USA, was in the form of a granite circle hook sculpture custom-created by well known US artist David Wirth. “We are extremely honored to have received the IGFA Lifetime Achievement Award,” said Mackin. “We are always excited when our lures land a record and it’s a privilege to be recognized by the IGFA with this award.”

“Created by Lauri Rapala, a Finnish fisherman, Rapala lures have been a mainstay of our sport for more than 70 years,” said Mike Myatt, Chief Operating Officer of IGFA. “We are excited to showcase this historic company and its products.”

Also the Finnish Prime Minister Matti Vanhanen commented the recognition received by Rapala with a message sent to the IGFA award ceremony: “On behalf of the Finnish Government, I would like to extend sincere gratitude and warmest congratulations to IGFA on the decision to present the Lifetime Achievement Award – a highly respected and prestigious prize – to the Rapala fishing lure of Rapala VMC Corporation. Over the years, Rapala has grown to be the biggest lure manufacturer in the world; yet it has not forgotten its Finnish roots. We in Finland are proud of Rapala and hold the company in high respect. Fishermen worldwide now trust the Rapala fishing lure – the story of which began on the Finland’s lake P¤ij¤nne in 1936.”

“These world records are excellent feedback for us demonstrating that our products work well worldwide even in tough circumstances. This is what we target both in our product development and manufacturing,” commented Jorma Kasslin, Chief Executive Officer of Rapala.

At the ceremony, Rapala also received the following awards:

* 1st place for lures: 29 new world records caught on Rapala lures in 2009.

* 2nd place for scales: 47 new world records weighed on Rapala scales in 2009.

* 3rd place for line: 10 new world records caught on Sufix lines in 2009.

With over 840 world-record catches, Rapala holds to the number one position as the record holder of world records. Out of this more than 550 world-records are for different Group-branded lures, more than 260 for Sufix fishing lines and more than 20 for VMC hooks. As recognition of this, IGFA has established a Rapala hall-of-fame at its headquarters in Florida, USA.

Rapala has grown from humble beginnings to a market leader of several product categories in the fishing tackle industry. The Rapala brand’s functionality and high quality are known by fishermen around the world. Rapala maintains its strict standards of craftsmanship while delivering its fishing products to anglers in more than 130 countries.

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