Rapala R-Type – Low Profile Casting Reel

Posted on October 22nd, 2010

R-Type – Plus, Plus, Plus … features that only super high end reels costing twice even 3 times as much .. this series is totally tricked out. We’ve never seen a reel this fast. The main reason is the 10 bearings system that support moving parts and assist in making near frictionless, long-bomb casts. You will see the difference. Tests show that the R-type casts further than comparable reels of other brands. The unique swept handle design actually moves the centre of balance closer to the reel for a much more comfortable feel. The shape also adds fish fighting torque, which, at the end of the day gives the angler less fatigue. The exclusive hard-chrome finish adds durability and a handsome custom look that anglers will find appealing. http://www.rapala.ca/products/rapala/rtype_cast.php

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