Rapala Gripper ideal for “catch & release” fishing.

Posted on June 3rd, 2016

If you enjoy fishing, but don’t like the idea of handing a fish in case you get cut or pricked by their teeth, spines, or gill rakers, Rapala has come out with a floating Fish Gripper tool that is ideal to grab a fish by the lower jaw when landing it.

057A7036 gripper02

It also hold the fish firmly while you carefully remove the hook without touching it with your hands.

057A7041 gripper_release

Once the hook is removed the fish can be lowered safely to the water, and gently dropped in.

057A7042 gripper_release

By simply loosening the locking-grip, the fish is free to swim away. The Gripper is light-weight, strong and very easy to use.

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