Rapala Classic Mooching outfit excellent for Great Lakes Salmon/Trout trolling.

Posted on May 19th, 2014

The west coast-style mooching outfits made by Rapala work great fished on downriggers for Great Lakes Salmonh & Trout.

mooching reelAs soon as Rapala launched their mooching rods and reels I tested them in BC saltwater fishing for salmon by trolling cut-plugs (fresh, dead herring), and an assortment of spoons both fished off of downriggers.  Both the rod and reel performed excellent!

italo fighing salmonToday anglers can enjoy the Rapala Classic Mooching Rod and Rapala Classic Mooching Reel outfits right here in our Great Lakes.  We normally load the reels with Sufix Seige 20 lb. test as a main line and than vary the pound-test of the Sufix Fluorocarbon Leader depending on how finicky fish are and what size of fish species/size we are targeting.

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