Rap-V Blades for coldwater Walleye, Bass & Pike.

Posted on April 22nd, 2021

I love to fish rattling, lipless baits in cold-water conditions both in the winter and summer time. They can be extremely effective when fish are more lethargic and don’t want to chase lures horizontally. Fish can also be lethargic when water temps get warm, skies are clear and they are not feeding. Those are key times to fish lipless rattle-baits.


I’m impressed with the new Rap-V Blade and I have used them as they are and also modified them so that I have “non-rattling” ones , rattling ones, ones that are standard with one treble and one in-line single hook and ones with two treble hooks.

To make some silent producing only the flashy side-to-side action for safety I removed the hooks on some of my rattlers and drilled two holes into each of the body cavities that house the rattlers.

I removed the rattles and filled up the cavities with fast drying two-part clear epoxy cement.

The modified rattlers work well and sometimes the silent one works best, other times the rattling one works best!

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