Rainbow and Brown trout in at the Whirlpool.

Posted on October 7th, 2011

[singlepic id=2743 w=320 h=240 float=]I took an hour or so to go down to the Niagara Whirlpool today to check-out the conditions.  I arrived at the waters edge around 11am, not really a peak time to catch Chinooks, browns or rainbows.  The sun was shinning and the air temperature was around 22C.  I started off by casting the Rapala J13 in fluorescent orange to rolling Chinooks.  I used the Rapala North Coast 8′ steelhead rod with a Rapala Shift baitcaster and 10 lb. test Sufix 832 braid.  I fished the J13 for about 20 min. and did not get a strike so I decided to use the 13′ Rapala Magnum steelhead drift rod and Volt spininng reel with a slip-bobber rig and a 4″ fly.  Within 15 min. of drifting and working my float like a surface lure on top of the water (this gives my fly a lifelike up-and-down action that fish can’t resist), the float shot under, I set the hook and I had a fight on my hands with a fresh-run 10 lb. steelhead.  I ended up fighting the fish for about 7 min., and finally had a gentleman that was fishing further down come over and take a picture.  We got the picture, I released the fish and then Mulligan & I were off to do some golfing at Lookout Point golf course in Fonthill, ON.  I will probably go back down to the Whirlpool after the long weekend since I have a feeling it will be a pretty popular place this long weekend.

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