Would you consider a size 6 octopus hook an okay size for rainbow trout when “still fishing” with corn? I know that a lot of guys use smaller hooks (10-14) but then there is the possibility of gut hooking, or in my experience fish throwing the hook. I got some Berkley fusion hooks in size 6 and they look all right. Caught some chub and carp on them but no trout just yet :)

Posted on October 22nd, 2018

Hi Angler, if you are baitfishing for any species of fish, including trout  and  you don’t want your catch to swallow the hook so you can release it with minimal harm, you should consider using a small Circle Hook like the Gamakatsu Octopus Circle Hook. I would suggest you use sizes ranging from 10-8. Circle hooks are designed so that if a fish in hales it, if you just  keep reeling the hook will out to the yaw and as the fish tries to swim away, the hook catches the edge of the mouth. Caution, when using a Circle hook you don’t set the hook hard/fast since you can pull the hook right out of the fish. You just firmly start reeling and the hook sets itself on the edge of the mouth…God bless you.

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