Will a large brown trout usually avoid striking a very small spinner? I usually use #1 and do get trout but they are quite small. I was thinking of trying larger spinners but am thinking then I will get nothing lol Thank you!

Posted on October 13th, 2017

Hi Angler, I don’t think any size trout will “avoid” striking a well presented, small spinner.Trout of any size, small or large can strike a small lure. It’s not the size of the lure, it’s fishing it in an area where there are larger trout. If the trout are “in-land” (not Great Lakes migratory), the size of the spinner should be similar to the size of the food they are feeding on. A 6-12″ trout would feed on smaller food so a #1 spinner works well for them. A 12-24″ trout would feed on larger food so a #2 or #3 spinner would work well. At any time tough, any size could strike a smaller spinner or lure.

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