Why do todays rods come with so darn many eyes? It seems I”m always tangled or wrapped up in the tip or second eye, especially when using braid and jigging. It was never like that in past years when fiberglass was the go-to rod and carbon, boron and whatnot were unknown.

Posted on September 25th, 2021

The number of guides can really vary depending on the type of rod. For example, the average 7′, medium-action spinning rod can have 6-8 guides. On the other hand a long 11′ drift rod can have up to 12 guides and then there are both spinning and baitcasting rods that have many “micro” guides. The more guides there are on a rod, the more “torque” can be put on the fish as the line better takes on the bend of the rod and uses the rod power. When braided lines get limp from use it is indeed very easy to get the line wrapped around the tip and also the top guides. I guess it’s a compromise, limp braided line casts farther (no memory), because they are no stretch you get better sensitivity and better hook-sets, but you can also get some nasty wraps around the rod and even tangles that are tough to get out.

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