When is the best time to fish walleye in port colbourn and east of there and what do you think would be the best presentation and depth. Dipsies or in line weights thank you your tips are helpful.

Posted on March 27th, 2015

Hi Jay…The off-shore walleye fishing is already underway in 40-65′ of water out from Port Colborne and going east to Crystal Beach. Top two presentations is either to troll a worm harness with a Luhr Jensen Jet Planer about 100′ back off an “in-line” planer board, or to fish a worm harness with a bottom-walking sinker (4-6 oz. in weight), along the bottom. The Luhr Jensen Dipsey Diver works well for salmon and great lakes steelhead, but since walleye hit lightly and don’t fight so hard, in many cases they don’t “release” the Dipsey Diver and anglers often have a walleye on, but since the Dipsey is still in “diving-mode”, they don’t see the strike and keep trolling, dragging a walleye….God bless you, Italo

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