When I go Ice fishing I have a hard time finding the drop offs fishing for walleye I have tried 3ft to22 but no drop off just a gradual descentI catch fish but I cannot refind my spot?

Posted on January 12th, 2017

Hi Dean, structure breaks may not be the best locations to find walleye through the ice as it is in the summer months. In the summer months much of their food is located in bays and around shallow/deeper structure breaks, but  in the winter time as their food source moves deeper, the walleye tend to feed more in open-water “basins” and especially in the main lake channel of shallower walleye lakes.


I would encourage you to try and locate “flats” that are 15-25′ deep that are in-between structure areas and the deeper parts of the lake. I have a feeling if you locate these winter “food shelf’s”, you will do well with the walleye throughout the day. If you don’t have a fishfinder, you will need to cut many holes and do the “trial & error” depth search with a heavy lure. A hydrographic chart will also be useful to you even if it is a paper chart that shows where the “flats’ are…God bless you.

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