What type and test strength line do you use for topwater fishing ?

Posted on February 10th, 2008

Hi Tim…The lb./test of line I use is determined by the size of lures I use and the size of the fish. For example, if I\’m fishing for smallmouth bass ranging in size from 2-4 lb. I will probably use an 6-8 lb. monofilament diameter Rapala Titanium Braid (braid breaking strength would be from 20-30 lb. test). I find braid line enables me to make further casts with lighter top-water lures and it also gives me more responsive hook-sets. If I\’m fishing for large saltwater fish such as tarpon, barracuda, & snapper with large top-water lures that may be up to 8″ in length, where fish I am angling for may reach sizes of over 80 lb., I will go to a much heaver Rapala Taitanium Braid in the 60-80 lb. test range (diameter of 12-14 lb. test monofilament line)…..God bless you, Italo

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