What size of hooks do you recommend for brown trout? I like kamasan 980 in size 8, but am thinking of trying even smaller hooks but I generally seem to loose more fish with tiny hooks. More bites on tiny stuff though lol Thank you !

Posted on December 29th, 2015

I use different size hooks for steelhead and migratory brown trout based on what I am using and how large my bait/jig/soft-plastic is.


For example, my range for fishing roe bags is anywhere form a #8 to #12 hooks. If I use larger sacks in murky water conditions like a “nickel-size” sack I will use a #8. If I am fishing clear-water conditions and sacks under “dime-size” I will go right down to a #12. I find it’s important to make sure the hook is “sewn” into the side of the sack so that the hook dosen’t get buried in the sack when a fish takes it. It is also very important when you use smaller hooks that you don’t “snap-hook-set”. Often anglers will actually pull the hook away and miss the fish. Best to set the hook gently and firmly. A smaller hook is much easier to “stick” inside the fishes mouth than a larger hook. If I am using a bead, single-egg, or 4″ plastic worm I use a #10 or #12 hook….God bless you.

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