What run time can i expect to get with an everstart 12v 31amp hrs u1-318a battery powering a trolling motor? I read that someone using a 12V Dakota Lithium LiFePO4 was getting 30-40mins run time. Everyone preaches that the bigger the better in terms of selecting a battery. The battery is small which we like as it fits nicely into a small nearby compartment. We see this small battery as a “beginners” battery and cannot find info online. What kind of run-time can i expect/advice would you suggest?We always appreciate and look forward to your responses!CHRIS+BEN LEUSERHAMILTON

Posted on April 3rd, 2015

Hi Chris & Ben, first of all, the lb/thrust of your electric will have a bearing on the amount of power it will need to operate at low/medium/high speed. If you have a 12vt electric that is at the top of the power draw, like a 65 lb. thrust, it will draw more power at medium to high speed as opposed to a 12 vt electric that is  35/45 lb. thrust, so it’s tough to answer your question accurately. The size of your boat, the hull configuration, and windage will also have a bearing on what thrust/speed you will need to operate your electric at. A flat-bottom boat will need less power to control than a deep-V, and of course if it’s calm, less power will be needed whereas if it’s windy, more power will be required. Even though you are partial to a smaller battery, I would recommend you use a 12vt deep cycle battery that has a 100 aph draw. These are standard for electric trolling motor use. An Everstart battery with a 100 aph draw that you can get at Wal-Mart at a good price will do a good job.

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