What leeder do you recommend for pike? Also, should I remove the leeder when bass season starts?

Posted on June 4th, 2020

Hi Rich, when I’m just targeting pike and have the chance of booking one over 36” I use a stainless steel “black” leader or a Titanium leader (http://hooklineandsinker.ca/stringease-tackle/olympus-digital-camera-347/  ). My leader is not long, usually 8-12”. If I’m targeting bass & walleye and I have the chance of booking a pike incidentally, especially using crankbaits & slash-baits I use a 20-30lb. test fluorocarbon leader. If I’m fishing clear-water for bass and walleye and I don’t expect to hook any pike I use a 10 or 12 lb test fluorocarbon leader. Fish with a Passion. God bless you, Italo.

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