What is the best way to tie a slip sinker rig? I just use an egg sinker and a tiny split shot sinker to stop that egg sinker from sliding down the line but I have noticed that many use a barrel swivel instead of the tiny split shot, are there any advantages to this set up? Thank you!

Posted on June 25th, 2018

Hi Angler, if you don’t use too heavy an egg sinker pinching a split shot to stop it from sliding up the line works OK. If you use a larger egg sinker, when you cast it’s possible for the egg sinker to push the slip shot up the line. Thats one of the reasons why a swivel works best. The sinker cannot move it and your distance from the hook to the sinker/swivel remains consistent no matter what size of sinker you use. Also, the swivel will eliminate any line twist your bait may create if fished in current.

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