What do you thing about those solar (very bright green) monos? Sometimes I think bright line might spook fish sometimes attract it. When still fishing the bright cool line might attract fish, but when using lures it might spook fish because of so much movement. Just my guess. Thank you Italo!

Posted on November 3rd, 2015

I think the high-vis lines are excellent when you are trying to watch your line (like jigging in overcast conditions), or when you are fighting a fish that tends to head into cover/obstructions (so you can see where your line is heading to and avoid it), like bass & even steelhead in tributaries that have trees/rocks and other obstructions where your line can get cut-off.


If the water is turbid, the fish have a hard time seeing a high-vis line (like muddy water conditions), and the color of the line is not as important. Also, if you are fishing for fish that have poor visiion and rely on other senses like smell & taste (carp, suckers, etc.), the color of the line is less important. But, if the water is clear and the fish have good vision, if I use a high-vis line, I always use a Sufix fluorocarbon leader of at least 20-30″ in length (it’s invisible underwater).

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