What do you do when a hooked bass leaps out of the water and shakes it head to throw off the spinner or a plug? I tend to loose them quite a bit when this happens. I am having good luck with blue fox spinners, for crappies and am not targeting bass but they hit and get off :) Spinners in #2 do have somewhat small hooks for bass I guess, perhaps I need to throw larger sizes for bass once the season starts lol Thank you!

Posted on June 6th, 2017

Hi Angler, a smaller hook is easier to hook a fish so that the point goes past the barb. Sounds like your issue is not hook size, but not getting at least one of the barbs in the fish. I suggest next time you hook a fish on that spinner that when you feel it on, reel harder and make sure at least one hook is past the barb. Once the barb is in the fish it will have a really tough time throwing the hook no matter how many times it jumps.

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